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Hello! I'm Brian, the founder and picture taker here at BRP. I was born and raised in Manhattan, Kansas, USA, aka; the little apple, aka; manhappenin'. I have also spent some years in some other cool states such as Texas, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. I have a beautiful wife that makes delicious cookies. (Shameless plug here.)  I am a proud New Balance and cargo shorts wearing, dad joke making father of three kids that are a lot bigger and smarter than they used to be.

I am the quiet, thinker type. I'm not mad, I'm probably just in my head plotting out how to make my next shoot better than the last or what new gear I think I need. I like to take my time making genuine relationships with good people. That way when it's show time, we can relax and be ourselves. That's when the magic happens. My best and favorite images are the unposed and unscripted type. 

#1 question I get asked; "So... how long have you been doing this?"

Answer; I bought my first real camera in 2009. I've been learning and upgrading ever since. I decided to turn the hobby into a business in 2014. I am pleased to say that the business has grown steadily every year since!

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"What a great experience! Brian was professional and very accommodating. The pictures turned out amazing!! Thank you for capturing such an important event."

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