Pay no attention to that man behind the camera.

thoughtful.  creative.  unique.

As a documentary style photographer, I want to be able to use my images to tell the entire story of your day.  I will be there from beginning to end.  From the smallest of details you never knew you'd want to remember, to the candid laughter you briefly share with your closest friends and family.  I want to freeze that moment in time, and be able to hand it back to you.  I pride myself on not missing a single thing.  I enjoy looking for fun and creative angles on people and things that might have gone unnoticed otherwise.  I don't believe in interrupting you and placing you into a posed picture.  I would rather stay in the background and capture real moments.  If this sounds like the type of thing you are looking for, look no further.

I look forward to meeting you!                                                                    


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